September 10, 2001 --LONG-EZ PROJECT FOR SALE -- Completed fuselage on the gear with main spar and standard canard - a spectacular "jumpstart" aircraft project. Project includes: completed fuselage (airbrake installed and all Ken Broch hardware) on all the gear (large Cleveland wheels and brakes), completed standard GU canard, completed main wing spar, uncompleted winglets, miscellaneous necessities (hardware, fuel gages, rivets, bolts, cables, unopened cans of EZpoxy and resin, etc.), a complete set of plans, a collection of "Canard Pusher" newsletters and the complete construction logbook and construction photos. Absolutely impeccable workmanship - this project will make one solid high-performance airplane - a must see! Asking $4,500. Contact Gary Brown via email at

Recent pictures: Left View, Right View, Front View, Cockpit, Rear Seat, Rear View (please contact me if you need more pictures or information)

Welcome to my little website detailing my attempt to build an airplane -- the famous "Long-EZ". It is my hope that this website will assist and inspire fellow builders, pilots and aviation enthusiasts. If you have questions or comments, I welcome you to email me.

The Long-EZ

The Long-EZ is an experimental (homebuilt), high-performance, canard aircraft constructed almost entirely of composite materials. It is the wonderous creation of famous aircraft designer Burt Rutan (who, among many other things, created "Voyager" -- the aircraft that flew around the world non-stop in 1984). Burt is still designing at Scaled Composites.

Aside from the aircraft's awesome appearance, you've probably also noticed that it's "backwards". This is what's known as a "canard" aircraft -- the engine and wings are aft and the elevators are forward. Canards offer several advantages; most notably, they do not stall -- a problem conventional aircraft face. Stalling is a hazardous situation whereas the wings no longer produce lift. In a canard, the elevators stall before the wings and the aircraft nose automatically lowers -- thus angle of attack decreaes, airspeed increases and a stall is prevented.

The Long-EZ Grazing
Typical Long-EZ Aircraft Specifications:
Seats:2 Engine:0-235 (115 hp)
Top Speed:190 knots (219mph) Fuel:52 gals
Range:1,390 nm (1,599 sm) Gross Weight:1325 lbs
Empty Weight:886 lbs Length:16 ft, 9 in
Wing Span:26 ft, 1 in Height:7 ft, 10 in
Gary Building Aircraft

My Long-EZ Aircraft Project

I've been a licensed pilot since 1995 and for just as many years, I (like almost all other pilots) have dreamed of owning my own airplane. At one time or another, you get entirely frustrated with renting airplanes -- too expensive, never available (when you want/need them), poor condition, etc. But the cost of purchasing and maintaining a commercial general aviation aircraft (Cessna, Piper and the others) are prohibitively expensive for the common folk (especially those of us with a growing family or a budget). Experimental (homebuilt) aircraft then became a serious consideration for me.

In May 2000, I purchased an uncompleted Long-EZ aircraft project. The previous builder, Ken Merker, had completed the fuselage and gear and performed some of the most impeccable workmanship I've seen (I hope he sees this website). It was a great jumpstart on building an aircraft for me.

Now, I've "booted" the family cars from the garage... err... I mean "hanger" and the work on this incredible aircraft continues...

Gar's Hanger

Be sure to visit my "Project Log" for the latest updates and pictures.

Interested in Owning/Building a Canard?

If you're seriously interested in purchasing or building a canard aircraft of your very own, the person to contact first is David Orr at David is an expert at helping people find just the right canard aircraft or canard project to fit their needs and/or budget -- tell him you heard about him here.

John Denver

Yes, the Long-EZ is the same aircraft that John Denver was killed in. Many people ask about the accident. Click here to read a detailed article about the accident. There are certainly mysteries surrounding the accident but no evidence of a problem inherent to the original Long-EZ design. The Long-EZ is probably the most popular and numerous of all the canard aircraft flying today -- the track record is quit impressive.