Canard Pusher

My Long-EZ Aircraft Project Log

Aircraft Choice & ShoppingMy experience with evaluating and deciding on an experimental aircraftJanuary 2000 ~ May 2000
First Flight in a Long-EZPictures from my first flight in a Long-EZ -- Colin Koebel was kind enough to fly me in his beautiful Long-EZ N5EMay 7, 2000
Purchasing the AircraftMy experience shopping for and purchasing a Long-EZ aircraftMay 2000
Original Builder's Construction PhotosThese are pictures from my Long-EZ's original builder's photo album -- documenting his construction of the fuselage and landing gearAugust 31, 1996 - July 11, 1999
Composite Construction Exercises (Chapter 3)PRIORITY #1: Learning to work with composites -- doing the excercises outlined in Chapter 3 of the Long-EZ plansJune 2000
Choosing & Reserving N-NumberMy experience deciding upon, searching for and reserving an aircraft N-Number for my Long-EZJuly 2000
The Test CanopyEvaluating a new canopy builder's work for my Long-EZJuly 2000